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Restoration Assistance Project

With decades of housing experience in the Chicagoland area, our team are experts in safe and affordable housing. We are dedicated to helping those need and making a clear and lasting impact.


Chris Stephens, Vice President

With over  12+ years of Real Estate experience, Vice - President Chris Stephens fully realizes the need for affordable home repair. Chris has been a top Chicagoland Realtor throughout his career, and brings to the team years of local experience and compassion. 

Vincent Ramos, President

Vince has been a residential developer with extensive experience; developing over 35 million in residential real estate. Vince is also an approved NCST community buyer. With his experience and leadership, Vince comes ready to make a difference.

Maria Vuggica, Secretary/Treasurer

Maria is a licensed real estate agent as well as a general contractor  within the city of Chicago. Maria is also an approved Freddie Mac &  Fannie Mae contractor and is eager to bring her contracting expertise and years of experience to the team.

Beatrice Panzarino

Beatrice has recently begun her journey in the Interior Design world.  Her amazing style and attention to detail allows her to give her best effort when putting together a design.  She loves to help make a positive difference in people's lives.

Bryan Murphy

Bryan is a disabled veteran of the United States Navy.  He has done multiple deployments to the middle east.  Bryan bring his hard working attitude and his life experiences with him everyday.

Marco Sullo

Marco has is a Melrose Park Police Officer as well as a project manager for Division 3 Corp.  Marco has managed more than 50 million dollars in commercial and residential builds.

Anthony Raines

Anthony owns his own Construction company Divsion 3 Corp.  He began his journey into the trades through learning the concrete industry.  He has now build Division 3 to a very reputable brand throughtout the city of Chicago.  With being the general contractor and overseeing over 50 million dollars in projects a year, Anthony brings much experience to the table.

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